Thursday, June 18, 2009

For my 7th grade class trip we all went to "Lake Compounce". Lake Compounce was located in California. We left at 8:30.It took like a half hour for us too pull off. While we was waiting there we was all getting comfortable and talking about what we was going to do when we get there. On my way over there I was laying down listening to music. We was watching Petter Pan but I couldn't hear it so i didn't pay it any mind. The bus ride was like 2 and a half hours. I felt sick. I felt sick because I didn't eat before I felt.

Once I went into the park we walked to some ride my friend wanted to get on.I was very hype and I just wanted to get on everything. In my group was, Ada, Joshua, Jonas, Alex, Sekouba, Gri, Lind, Johanna, and Javior. We was with Mr.Osei. The first ride I got on was the "WildCat". I got on that ride w. my friend Ada. I went on a lot of rides but I don't really know what its called. My favorite ride was the "ZOOMERANG". That was my favorite ride because it went fast, backwards and made loops. I didn't like that was the "DownTown". I hated that I went very high and just dropped. On one of the rides my friend started crying,I was laughing at her. Mr.Osei only went on one ride with me. We went on the "WildCat" all together. I didn't order anything to eat because everyone was saying that the food was nasty.

The last ride I went on was the "Boulder Dash". Besides getting rides we was walking around. On the bus ride going back was good because I fell too sleep. Some people was watching Batman.I like that I am tall enough too get on anything. I would love to go back.

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