Thursday, April 30, 2009

Profile Reflection: Math, Dot2Dot, Career Day.

Hi. My name is Thalia Abreu and I'm a seventh grade. Student thats as a lot of interests in different things. I really enjoy types of types of performing arts, such as music, dance or drama and may enjoy performing or helping to direct, manage the stage, or design sets. I love to work on the internet.

Renzulli Profile!

Thalia is a seventh grade student who has special interests and abilities in school. She described her grades as above average in math, average in science, above average in reading, and below average in social studies. She seems to have several areas of interest. Her primary interest appears to be in performing arts. She really enjoys various types of performing arts, such as music, dance or drama and may enjoy performing or helping to direct, manage the stage, or design sets!

Thalia's second area of interest appears to be in technology, as she seems to like activities that involve technology and computers, multimedia equipment, and communication.

Thalia's third area of interest appears to be in business. She seems to show an interest in organizing or starting a business or assuming a leadership role in working with people, such as stage managing the play or becoming editor of the yearbook.

Thalia also has specific preferred instructional styles. Learning or instructional styles are the ways students like to learn and the strategies parents and teachers use to help them learn. Thalia has very clearly defined learning preferences. Her preferred instructional style is through technology that helps her to learn by using various interactive multi-media devices and Internet content. Her second choice of learning style is peer tutoring that happens when a student or friend who knows a good deal about something helps or works with her to really understand the topic or material being studied in school. Thalia also enjoys discussions that happen when two or more students talk with their teacher or in small groups about issues and topics by discussing facts and opinions and discussing them.

Thalia also has a preferred product style. That is, she has certain kinds of products that she likes to complete. Her first product choice is dramatic. She enjoys participating in theatrical performances, such as acting and role-playing. Her second choice of product style is audio-visual/display. She enjoys organizing attractive arrangements of objects, and/or likes to work on displaying information on boards or posters. She also may enjoy organizing materials and designing diagrams to visually display information. Thalia's third choice of product style is hands-on, as she enjoys working on things with her hands, and/or likes building, constructing, and designing things.

As Thalia has a chance to consider some of her choices and think about what she really enjoys doing, it is our hope that these opportunities will enable her to fully develop her interests through the variety of exploratory activities in the Renzulli Learning System database. When she takes a virtual field trip to a museum, interviews a favorite author on the web, or explores an historical site on-line, she will be learning to further explore her interests and learning styles. These kinds of exploratory activities can introduce Thalia to new ideas and experiences and let her explore many possible interests.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Center 3- MOSTER!

Look at today's Do Now, do you feel racism still exists? In what ways does racism exists? Have you ever experienced racism? In what ways have you experienced racism? Does Steve Harmon experience Racism?

Do you think there is racism in our country's court system? Can a minority get a fair trial? Why or why not? Do you think Steve Harmon will get a fair trial? Why? Why Not? How do you think O'Brien feels about the Jury they selected for Steve's trail?

Why do you feel some people think that our country's court systems are racist? Why do you feel there are more black men in jail than college?

In some ways i feel that racism still exists because people call each other "nigga" and people might say they hate black people or white people, depending on whats the color of your skin. I haven't experienced racism before. Yes, Steve have experienced racism because he is the only black person in the court and everybody else is white.

I think that racism is in our country's court system because when you go in you mainly see white people. No, because you can't relate to the people because the white people get it easy. No, because he is black.I think that O'Brien know that they are not going to win because hes young and black.

White people are doing better then black and Hispanics .

Friday, April 24, 2009

how name-Calling effects people?

Write a 3 paragraph blog about how name-calling affects people.
How powerful is the language that we use? Why do people call each other names? How often do you call people names? Do you think about how the person might feel when you call them the name? How often do you see others being called name? Is there anyone in your school who is teased for being Gay? How do you think people feel when they are constantly teased?
Why does Petrocelli call Steve a "Monster"? What metaphors do you compare people to when you name call? How does Steve feel about being called a monster? What does he doe after he is called a monster? Do you think Steve feels like a monster? Do you think Steve is a monster? Do you think he is innocent or guilty?
Do you think the jury sees Steve as a monster? If you were on the jury would you think Steve was a monster? Why? why not? Why did Steve title his book monster?

Everybody get teased about different kind of things. They curse to them and call them all types of names. They talk about how they look, act and all kind of different things. Mostly all the time people is making somebody cry and someone is fighting all because of the name calling. I know some boy who is always getting teased because he acts gay and everybody talks about him. I be feeling bad for people but then again I do the same just for the fun of it.

When Petrocelli called Steve a monster I think she meant it like he disregard the rights of others. I know she didn't mean that he really looks like a monster. When I name call i usually call them all types of things but I think Steve really liked the name Monster because he kept rewriting it. I don't think he is a monster because he would've did other bad things too but i don't really think that he is guilty and another person did that.

I don't think he is a monster because I think he is innocent and he is young. He titled his monster because he feels like a monster in jail and hes lonely and all around him is nothing but criminals.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Think & DIscuss.

Aim: How do we solve proportions by using cross products?

1. Explain how the term cross product can help you remember how to solve a proportion.

2. Describe the error in these steps: 2/3 = x/12 ; 2x= 36; x=18.

3. Show how to use cross products to decide whether the ratios 5:45 and 2:15 are proportional.

1.  3/12 and x/16
Step 1: Cross Multiply. ;3 x 16=48 and 12 x X=?
Step 2: Divide 12 into 48 which equal 4.
Step 3: Check your work by cross multiplying . 3x16=48 and 12x4=48. This problem is proportional. 

2.  The things that this person did wrong in the problem was that they multiplied 12x3 and that gave a answer of 36 then they divided 2 into 36 and the answer was 18. 

3.  The ratios 5:45 and 2:15 are not proportional because when you cross multiply 5x15=75 and 45x2=90 so that means that 5:45 and 2:15 is not proportional.